Three Gables Homepage Image Spring 2015
Three Gables Farm is a little place tucked away on Salt Spring Island among the Gulf Island off the cost of British Columbia, Canada. Here, we are devoting a considerable part of our daily lives to keeping and raising heritage livestock breeds, some of which have become very rare and are now sadly considered mere novelties.
We are very fond of the cultural landscape created by small scale traditional farming, the idea of sustainable agriculture, livestock breeds which have a low impact on the land and require a low input of resources to thrive, and communities which are self reliant in the production of their food, which, next to air and water, remains essential for survival.
Three Gables Farm is also a business dedicated to offering excellence in small animal nutrition. The primary focus of this, since 1995, has been to provide cat owners with resources for a raw meat based homemade cat food second in nutritional quality only to mice. In more recent years, an added interest in food for backyard poultry and for rabbits has emerged.
Together, Three Gables Farm is a place were we rediscover and learn about the fascinating symbiosis of people and different domestic animals and their mutual use of the land and their reliance on each other for a better life.